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This was the moment when Mourinho left Mo Salah in tears



Former Chelsea midfielder John Obi-Mikel recently shed light on why Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah struggled to find their footing at Stamford Bridge. Both Premier League stars had brief spells with Chelsea, with De Bruyne making only three domestic appearances between 2012 and 2014, while Salah played for the Blues during the 2015-16 season.

Mikel, speaking on the Obi One Podcast, delved into De Bruyne’s difficulties, attributing them to the Belgian’s demeanour and attitude during training sessions. According to Mikel, De Bruyne’s lack of playing time seemed to affect his morale, often leading to sulking and anger. This attitude made him somewhat isolated within the squad, reminiscent of a child feeling left out on the playground.

Moreover, Mikel recalled a particular incident involving De Bruyne and Samuel Eto’o during a training session, where the two clashed due to De Bruyne’s perceived lack of effort. The altercation highlighted tensions within the squad and hinted at the challenging environment De Bruyne faced during his time at Chelsea.

Mikel also suggested that then-manager Jose Mourinho’s strict approach didn’t help either player, as Mourinho was known for his uncompromising stance on performance and discipline, regardless of a player’s stature.

“They [Salah and De Bruyne] were so unlucky that the boss, Mourinho, then didn’t take any prisoners. If you weren’t doing your job, it didn’t matter who you were, he would have a go at you.

“He had a go at Mohamed Salah at half-time once and he was in tears crying. We thought ‘OK, he’s going to let him back on the pitch’ But then he destroyed the kid and then pulled him off. But that was just his mentality back then. But would Mourinho do that now? I think no.”



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