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VIDEO | Kyle Walker speaks on last minute penalty decision



The clash between Liverpool and Manchester City certainly lived up to its billing, delivering an electrifying display of football that showcased the intensity and competitiveness between the two powerhouses of English football.

Despite the scoreline not reflecting the true nature of the encounter, both teams displayed a relentless attacking mindset, making for a captivating spectacle from start to finish.

With each side fully committed to their offensive strategies, the match unfolded as a back-and-forth affair, with neither willing to cede ground easily.

In the second half, Liverpool notably seemed to gain the upper hand, mounting sustained pressure on the Manchester City defense and creating several scoring opportunities.

Their dominance was evident as they controlled possession and dictated the tempo of the game, forcing City to defend resolutely to keep them at bay.

However, despite their concerted efforts, Liverpool was unable to convert their chances into goals, leaving the outcome of the match in the balance until the final whistle.

One contentious moment arose in the dying minutes of the game when Liverpool won a corner in the 98th minute, prompting a potential penalty claim after a clash between Jérémy Doku and Liverpool’s Alexis Mac Allister inside the box. Despite the contact, referee Michael Oliver opted not to award a penalty, a decision that sparked post-match discussions.

Manchester City’s Kyle Walker praised Oliver’s handling of the situation, commending his composure and professionalism in the face of intense pressure, highlighting his reputation as one of the premier referees in both English football and the global stage.

Walker’s remarks underscored the significance of maintaining a cool demeanor and making decisive calls, particularly in high-stakes encounters like the Liverpool vs. Manchester City fixture.


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