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BREAKING | This is the new UEFA format draw process!



In a significant development, UEFA has announced a groundbreaking change to the Champions League draw process for the upcoming season. Instead of the traditional manual drawing of teams, the draw will now be completed using a computer system.

The new process involves manually selecting the participating clubs initially, after which a computer algorithm will take over to randomly allocate each team’s eight opponents for the 36-team league. This shift marks a departure from the previous method, which relied solely on manual draws conducted by officials.

The introduction of a computerized system aims to enhance transparency and impartiality in the draw process, minimizing the potential for human error or bias. By automating the selection of opponents, UEFA aims to ensure fairness and equality among all participating teams.

This innovative approach represents a significant step forward in the evolution of the Champions League draw process, aligning with modern technological advancements. The use of a computerized system reflects UEFA’s commitment to leveraging technology to improve the integrity and efficiency of its competitions.

The decision to implement this new draw format underscores UEFA’s dedication to innovation and progress in football governance, setting a precedent for future developments in tournament organization and management.


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