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Michael Edwards breaks silence after FSG appointment and outlines Liverpool plans



Michael Edwards has spoken out for the first time since rejoining FSG as CEO of football. He has shed some light on what is to come at Liverpool and beyond.

Michael Edwards, the new CEO of Football for Fenway Sports Group (FSG), has shared his thoughts on his return to Liverpool. He previously worked as the sporting director for Liverpool FC before leaving in 2022, and now he’s taking over from FSG president Mike Gordon to manage the Reds’ daily operations.

FSG announced his appointment on Tuesday. In a statement, Edwards expressed his gratitude for the opportunity. “I am very grateful to Mike (Gordon), John (W. Henry), Tom (Werner) and the ownership group for offering me the opportunity to take on this new leadership role within FSG,” Edwards said. “I was humbled by the desire and persistence they showed in wanting to work with me again. This is definitely not something that I take for granted given their track record across sport and business.”

He added: “It was vital for me that, if I did return, it had to be with renewed vigour and energy. In practice, this means having fresh challenges and opportunities. As such, one of the biggest factors in my decision is the commitment to acquire and oversee an additional club, growing this area of their organization. I believe that to remain competitive, investment and expansion of the current football portfolio is necessary.

“With Liverpool, I will oversee the required reinforcement of football operations, with a number of essential leadership positions needing urgent attention. I know from personal experience what a wonderful job Mike Gordon has done with day-to-day oversight on behalf of his fellow owners.

“Going forward I’m looking forward to working with FSG’s Board of Managers. Also, in assuming this role, I fully understand that it comes with great expectations, and I therefore intend to identify, hire, and subsequently empower leaders who meet and embody the club’s values and ambitions.

“Having served the club previously I need no reminder of how much emotional investment is made by supporters in the city itself, as well as across the UK and the world. I am looking forward to getting started.”

Meanwhile, FSG president Gordon, who played a vital role in persuading Edwards to join the group, said: “Michael is one of the most formidable executive talents in world football and John [Henry], Tom [Werner], and I are absolutely thrilled to have secured his services for our business. He returns to us in a role with greater seniority than he held previously and with a wider remit.

“It was clear when we initially reached out to him that a broader scope would be a key motivating factor for any potential return to the industry. In this regard — and many others — his ambitions matched ours.”

“As an organization, we constantly strive for improvement in our football operation, whether that be identifying fresh opportunities externally or areas for enhancement internally, and there is no better person to lead that ongoing process. In keeping with this objective, he will take over responsibilities I have previously held regarding oversight and management of Liverpool FC’s football operation.

“Fulfilling that role has been one of the greatest privileges of my life and handing it over and returning to a more traditional role in ownership is something I have been hoping to do for some time, but only if we could find the right individual or structure. In Michael, we now have the ideal person to assume these responsibilities.

“I look forward to working with him again from my position within ownership, from where I will continue to lead engagement on matters relating to football. On behalf of everyone at FSG, I am delighted to welcome him back and also hugely excited to see one of the most sought-after executives back in our ranks.” says: There’s plenty to digest here. The news that FSG will be moving towards a multi-club model, having held out for so long, is particularly interesting. Aside from that, Edwards has sketched out the immediate and medium-term Liverpool plans.

He will play a key role in choosing the next manager, and moving forward will adopt Mike Gordon’s role as the day-to-day FSG point of contact at the club. What else comes next remains to be seen, although we can hazard a few guesses. But it’s certainly an exciting time behind the scenes.

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