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OFFICIAL. Premier League has a decision on Mac Allister – Doku incident



The KMI panel’s validation of Michael Oliver’s decision not to award a penalty in the closing moments of Liverpool’s draw with Manchester City adds a layer of finality to a contentious moment in the match. As debates raged over the potential foul on Alexis Mac Allister by Jérémy Doku, the panel’s ruling reinforces the importance of thorough review processes in ensuring fairness and accuracy in officiating.

While the decision may have disappointed some fans, it underscores the complexities involved in refereeing and the necessity of upholding standards of impartiality and adherence to established protocols in high-stakes football encounters.

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The verdict read: “The panel were split (3:2) with the majority supporting the on-field no-penalty decision.

“[It was] a genuine attempt to play the ball . . . with both players coming into contact with each other as a result. Doku is just about entitled to challenge for the ball and, despite making contact with Mac Allister’s chest, he makes contact with the ball.

“Two panelists felt that the on-field decision was incorrect and a penalty should have been awarded as ‘Mac Allister gets there first. Doku’s foot is high and makes clear contact with his studs on Mac Allister’s chest’


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