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Ben Jacobs shares the current ‘feeling’ around Mo Salah’s future at Liverpool



Mo Salah is currently anticipated to remain at Liverpool for at least one more season.

Naturally, that depends on a new manager and the club’s reorganised executive branch agreeing on what to do with the Egyptian.

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Ben Jacobs said on CaughtOffside’s The Debrief podcast, “With Salah, the feeling was always that he’d do one more season at Liverpool, which is bad news for the Saudis this summer, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be patient and wait until summer 2025.”

Will Salah’s attitude change now that a new manager is on board? Is now the right time to put an end to it, or will he embrace the chance to assist Liverpool begin a new chapter?

“Liverpool is in a win-win situation in many aspects since the Saudis will make the same financial offer, give or take. The club will most likely be Al-Hilal rather than Al-Ittihad. If Liverpool wins it, they’ll have a significant financial advantage come summertime when trying to find a replacement.


“That’s the point at which a player like Pedro Neto might be valued at £70 million or £80 million. Salah will stay if it suits Liverpool better. From a transitional perspective, it’s excellent since they have more time to find a long-term successor. In addition, he brings tremendous energy to the locker room and has scored more than 20 goals in eight straight seasons.


“I believe Liverpool will either have a smoother transition under a new manager or they will be able to cash in.” The decision made over which of those paths to follow will first depend on the identity of the new manager, after which Salah will speak with Richard Hughes and Michael Edwards. Liverpool wanted their CEO of Football, their sporting director, and their hierarchy in place now so that everyone could try to concentrate on winning the Premier League and, if feasible, bringing home three trophies in Klopp’s final season.


However, the end of March and the beginning of April are also somewhat quieter, allowing new figures to have these discussions without any surprises. Because of the way Liverpool operates, I believe that by the time we reach mid- or late-April, they will be aware of their exact situation with players like Trent Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk, and Salah, even if it is not made public.


In the forthcoming summer window, Saudi interest in the 31-year-old wide player is predicted to resurface with a fury.


Accept the Salah funds or support the shift?


A few supporters may be persuaded to take the millions and add to the transfer fund given to Jurgen Klopp’s successor.


Although we wouldn’t necessarily say that’s the wrong course of action, it’s definitely not one we’d choose.


In times of possible unrest after the departure of one of the most renowned and prosperous managers the team has ever had, transition should always be supported.


Jacobs, Salah, Klopp, and Liverpool

This season, Mo Salah has contributed 34 goals. (Image courtesy of Stu Forster/Getty Images))

Replacing Klopp is one thing, but having to replace two titans at the club is quite another.

While it’s true that players are always more interchangeable than managers, we would much rather see Salah stay on to help keep the ship afloat.

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